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About the day

On Day of the City 2018 (Dag van de Stad) more than 2,000 people working on future-proof cities and urban regions in the Netherlands will gather. After all, every day administrators, civil servants, entrepreneurs, active citizens, representatives of social organisations and scientists are working to help cities of the Netherlands advance. That is why we offer one special day on which we inspire, inform, raise issues, connect and build together.


There are 100 workshops and 200 speakers to choose from in more than ten monumental buildings located at the Wagenwerkplaats in Amersfoort. Each building is centred around one specific theme. Be inspired by successful examples and stories from leading speakers and young top talent. Take part in the various workshops ranging from creative training sessions and debates to design workshops and enjoy the street theatre. Or visit the most innovative urban development projects in and around Amersfoort on foot, by bicycle and/or by boat.
There is a special governance programme (part of the day) for city administrators, the corporate sector, knowledge institutes and central government. For international guests we offer a specific international programme.

The programme will be announced early September.


The Day of the City 2018 is centred around the theme ‘the city in balance’. Everything exists in relation to something else. ‘Busy’ in relation to ‘quiet’. ‘Innovation’ in relation to ‘conservation.’ ‘Citizens’ in relation to ‘visitor’. On the Day of the City we are looking for balance as a driving force behind vital cities.

The topics are:

How do we ensure that the city remains accessible to people and goods? How can we plan cities in a way that requires less traffic, and how can we organise transport systems in and between cities in such a way that mobility is fast, comfortable and sustainable?

How do we reduce fossil fuel reliance and reuse materials even better? How can the city adapt to climate change and do so with clean air and dry feet? What role can green development of buildings and areas play in all of this?

How do administration and citizens deal with adversity such as an attack, natural disasters, the loss of an industrial sector? How do you prevent or prepare for adversity?

How can we ensure that every citizen is seen in the city? That everyone can participate? How can we make better use of the own strengths of (groups of) citizens in care-related issues? And how can we improve care for people who need support?

Major challenges such as climate change and sufficient housing require cities to increasingly scale up to regional level. At the same time, cities are increasingly scaling down to neighbourhood level and seek collaborations with active citizens and organisations. How can cities work together in these networks and be inspiring partners?

How can art, culture and creativity create vibrancy in the city and still contribute to finding peace, contemplation and attention for other people in an increasingly crowded city?

How can a city be economically successful, yet remain liveable – a nice place to be? How do we ensure prosperity and well-being are balanced?

How can we make it easier for people living in the city to exercise more and eat healthier?

How can you accelerate inner-city transformations in order to respond to the high demand for housing? And, at the same time, convert existing buildings and neighbourhoods to make them natural gas free and sustainable?

How can we ensure that our increasingly crowded cities remain safe? What role do prevention and repression play in this, and how do we find a good balance between them?

Last Lectures


Host city Amersfoort will organise excursions to the most innovative urban development projects in and around Amersfoort, which are led by municipal guides. The content of these excursions will be announced this summer.


An enthusiastic Municipality of Amersfoort has done a great job in securing the City Day 2018 event. Thanks to a convincing argument in their bidbook, this year the day will take place in the Amersfoorts Wagenwerkplaats, an easy accessible and vibrant event site with various industrial and historical locations.

The Wagenwerkplaats is located between the Amersfoort railway yard and the Soesterkwartier district. On the other side of the railway yard is the Amersfoortse Berg and the nature reserves Birkhoven and Bokkeduinen. The entire site is about one and a half kilometres long and three hundred metres wide. In the early twentieth century, the then Dutch Iron Railway Company (HIJS) decided to move the workshop used for the maintenance of the freight wagons from Haarlem to Amersfoort. The architect was D.A.N. Margadant.

Piet Mondriaanplein 61
3812 GZ Amersfoort
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Impression 2017

Last year marked the first time more than 1,500 administrators, civil servants, entrepreneurs, active citizens, representatives of social organisations and scientists working on the city all came together on one day. On Day of the City 2017, they received input to tackle the challenges of the city and urban regions. The evaluation showed that, with an average score of 8/10, the visitors were very positive. “So much on offer, so much to choose from, it's like a candy shop, I have choice stress”, were much-heard comments on Twitter. “But the extensive programme shows the very versatility of the city,” says one of the visitors in the after-movie.


Do you want more information about City Day or do you have a question or comment? Please send an e-mail to info@dedagvandestad.nl.

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